We have given some prices here, but obviously each event is very different, so it’s impossible to give prices on all items.  Also in some cases prices may have changed if from an outside provider.  All you need to do is email us if you want a quote for anything.

Equipment and Services for hire

We have loads more but this gives you an idea.

Just look at the list below for ideas of things to consider, then just give us a call to go through your requirements.  Please note, we are not VAT rated, so anything you hire directly from us is the price you see.

Moroccan Marquee

  • As seen on the wedding page.  £1200.00
  • Coconut matting is hired in should you wish to have it for approx £270.

White Marquees

  • Traditional white pole marquees in various sizes
  • White span tents with or without lining

Smaller Tents

These are smaller tents used for example for catering tents, bars, children’s areas, workshops etc.

  • Red tents perfect for a catering tent or chillout zone.    £120
  • 3m square white tent great for a tea tent  £60

Cold Room

Large walk in fully shelved cold room big enough to hold all your food and prosecco!  £250

Tables (We have a large choice of tables for the bar area and chill out zones)

  • 5’6 round tables £9 each
  • Trestle tables £5 each
  • Lots of different sized tables priced individually


  • Wooden folding chairs at approx £2.75.  These are hired in so price may vary slightly.
  • Gilt or Chiavari limewash chairs with a coloured seat pad £4.80 each – also hired in.
  • Our own mixed ex-dining chairs at £1.50 each

Table decoration (tablecloths, napkins, place names etc)

  • Various colour tablecloths to fit 5’6 table  £8 each
  • White tablecloths £9 each – these are hired in.

Crockery and cutlery

To give an idea

  • A full place setting including plates, cutlery and glasses is approx   £2.50 per person
  • Tea pots, Cafetieres, jugs and other items for the table are available.

Lighting – should you require extra over what we provide

  • Large floodlights  £40 each
  • Colour changing floodlights £20 each
  • Fluorescent  lights £30 each
  • Festoon lighting 10m costs £25 but bear in mind there is a lot included in the price of the venue.
  • Lots of fairy lights priced individually


We have sections of 8′ x 4′ which are £40 each

Everything below would really need to be discussed before we can come up with quotes.

  • Catering  – sit down 3/4 course dinner, hog roast, pulled pork, bbq, luxury individual picnic hampers, fish and chips, curry, crumpet van, ice creams, falafels – whatever your heart (or stomach) desires!
  • Staff – a team of smiling faces
  • Wedding cake
  • Kitchen equipment (fridges, ovens, urns, saucepans etc)
  • Champagne, wine, beer etc
  • Bride and groom carriage (rolls royce, horse and carriage, VW combi ?)
  • Disco and sound
  • Flooring
  • Venue decoration
  • Flowers
  • Props (palm trees, hammocks, straw bales and more)
  • Signage
  • Anything else !

We do have a more comprehensive list of items available via email if you would like us to send you one.