We have 25 acres of mixed woodland on our farm, the perfect environment for our bushcraft workshops which are aimed at adults, but can also be arranged for children.DSCF2056  Gerry will show you how to create shelters using what is available at the time in the woodland and he will teach you how to light a fire in the wild and in adverse bush craft 1conditions  You will be shown how to make ‘outback’ bread which you will cook over your own fire and eat and you will learn how to look for nature’s natural resources.  You will also learn basic camp craft.bushcraft

Gerry has walked these woods for the last 15 years and knows every inch of them so you could not have anyone better to share them with.  He will inspire you with his enthusiasm and love of the outdoors.DSC01305      He loves working with kids as well and can easily adapt a workshop to be aimed at any age.  Kids love getting messy, and we should probably warn you, with Gerry, they probably will !  So no best clothes ! 

Depending on the length of your workshop Gerry can also teach basic survival and camouflage which everyone loves.

We will provide you with a packed lunch to take up to the woods with you to eat at our woodland cabin.