Turn your bride into a Boho Babe with A Glamping Hen Party Weekend in Devon.

Congratulations Bridesmaids! You have been especially selected by your Bestie to hold her hand / guide her / tease her / love her through this wonderfully exciting time.

This also means one of the most important pre-wedding events has fallen to you – organising the perfect hen do. That one weekend where she gets to let her hair down with her girls’. So where do you start? So many possibilities…

Firstly – you know your bride. You know what she likes, dislikes, what would make her cringe and what would make her smile. There are so many options these days – a night out on the town, a spa day, a shopping spree…You know the bride better than anyone, so it’s up to you decide what would make her perfect weekend.

You might know your bride, but here at ‘Chicks In The Sticks’ we know that to make a weekend really memorable, you need to think outside the box. And if you’re girl is the outdoorsy-type then we might just have the perfect option for you.

So what actually IS glamping, I hear all your tent-phobic friends ask? Well, the dictionary definition reads as follows;

A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping”

Although accurate, we think that definition is a little bland. A glamping weekend at Chicks in the Sticks is SO much more than that.

Come join us in our little bit of Devon Heaven, and you and your party will have exclusive use of our gorgeous venue for 2 nights. We can accommodate up to 20 hens in our beautifully furnished bell tents, and our quirky party barn is there for you to use the whole weekend.

We’ve got your daytime actives covered too. We’ve teamed up with some amazingly talented artisans who love running creative workshops for the Bride To Be and her entourage – We have print making, willow working, , graffiti, quilt making, the list goes on…

Breakfasts and lunches are included, and if you’re after fully catered, our lovely chef loves creating delicious dinners ready to suit all taste buds and dietary requirement! You’ll also have full access to our especially built kitchen, complete with undercover dining area.

If joining us in our little bit of Devon heaven is ticking all the right boxes for you and your fellow hens (and of course, the Bride To Be!) we would love to hear from you.





Spring lambs, flowers, calves and hens!

It’s Spring!   2 new lambs just born, christened Butch and Sundance. The sun is shining, just had our first Hen weekend and life is good! This is my favourite time of year on the farm, bluebells are coming out, lots of lovely new leaves, and wild flowers springing up in the fields. IMG_3225 And lots of flowers on Hen’s heads as well !  Not the feathery kind!  We are very excited at the moment because we’ve decided to start breeding Grey Faced Dartmoor sheep.  This is a rare breed, very pretty with black noses and dreadlocks down to the ground.  High on the cuddly scale.  They’re  supposed to be very placid and love people, so there may be the odd ground invasion during our events!  We’re off to Holsworthy Market next week to buy some mums with babies – so exciting !  Watch this space.

The other brilliant news is that our calf born last year, named Tripod, because one of his legs didn’t work is still going strong.  We spent weeks massaging his legs and splinting him over night, and then taking him for gentle walks on a lead and it’s all paid off.  He’s just gone out in the field and is gambling around like a baby.  Making up for lost time!  Such a sweetheart.   Only problem is he thinks I’m his mum so he follows me around everywhere.  We’re both suffering from separation anxiety !  Well I am anyway.  He’s out there in the big wide field, I don’t know who he’s mixing with, if he’s got a girlfriend, if he’s eating properly,  if he’s getting enough sleep, not over partaking of the water !   The trials of motherhood !  And I’ve got all of this to come with Butch and Sundance.


Anyway I’ll keep you posted !