The South Wests hidden gem

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is designated this when the landscape is considered so precious that it needs to be preserved for the nation.   This is because, not only of the beautiful landscape, but also the abundance of wildlife, habitats, geology and heritage.  There are only 40 of these areas in England and Wales.    The primary purpose of the AONB is to conserve and enhance these landscapes.

The Blackdown Hills in East Devon have been designated An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for obvious reasons.   They form a tranquil, beautiful and relatively isolated area with steep ridges, high plateau and valleys stretching away in every direction.  The area is dotted with farms, villages and many ancient features such as Hembury Fort just above Broadhembury.

Local authorities, organisations and community groups strive to preserve this precious landscape creating an exceptional environment where rare plants and insects and a variety of wild animals can flourish.