Green Living

Thinking Green

Fiona’s father bought the farm in 1975 and has transformed it into an amazingly eco friendly environment.  He is passionate about the land and wildlife and this has definitely been passed on to Fiona.  He has sourced various natural springs whose water, via various filter systems, has kept the family and animals going for the past 35 years. At 82 he is still in his woods everyday clearing and planting !


Our farm is a member of the ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area) which is very important to us.  We have preserved hedgerows for wildlife, coppiced, planted oaks and ash in our ancient woodland, created 2 large ponds again for wildlife, and much more to ensure the well being of our land and animals. 

We also have a bird expert who visits regularly putting up nests to encourage birds who need a bit of help!  This has been a huge success.

We have had regular visits from FWAG (the Farm and Wildlife Advisory Group) and also the Forestry Commission to advise us and to make sure that we are doing the best that we can.

Our farm is also right in the middle of the Blackdown Hills which is part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We would love to be able to welcome you to our farm so that you     too can share in it’s beauty, and that of the surrounding area.